Thomas Rauch

Newport Beach

Born in 1952 in Houston, Texas, Thomas has been a full-time artist since 1978.  He has been employed by Disney for the last 15 years as a scenic artist.  He is also a Life Member of the National Rifle Association. My artwork, at its best, will always reflect my interest in the outdoors, the west in particular.  Whether crawling down a trail in a Jeep, exploring some out of the way Indian ruins, or carrying an over and under while climbing after a chucker, a part of me is reviewing, sorting and storing what I am seeing to be called up when I am painting.  I hope that comes through and connects with those that have seen and enjoy these things I do. I'm happy to leave the trendy 'Flavor of the Month' art scene to those interested in such things, I am not and I make no apologies for it.  If you have seen and enjoy the things I do, I paint these things for us and those like us.