Marjorie King Sanders

Laguna Beach

spare elegance. contemporary grace. These qualities describe Marjorie Sanders' art through many transitions over the years. An established artist with a background in photography, print arts and digital illustration, Sanders is a pioneer in using pixels as paint. Her art has been featured in galleries almost continuously since 2007 and in homes around the country and abroad. Sanders began to pursue her passion for fine art glass in 2012, attending classes in Portland and Santa Fe to learn core principles and techniques. That same year she opened her kiln-forming and cold-working studio in Laguna Beach, California. She continues to evolve as an artist through total immersion in her daily practice, rigorous independent research, formal instruction and dialogue with her mentors. "I am moved by the simplest of forms and nuances of tone, color and texture. Inspired by contemporary Japanese ceramicists, I refine the surfaces and edges of my vessels to achieve the thin-walled, translucence and matte surfaces that distinguish Seihakuji (icy blue) porcelain. By working with the energy and flow of the glass, I want to express timeless movement, like rolling surf or drifting snow. I’m happy if people respond to these rhythms in quiet contemplation."