Jason Sacran

Fort Smith

In general, my work is about the process of creating - experimenting with materials, techniques and subject matter. I consider myself a contemporary representational painter. I paint subjects that evoke a mood or feeling introspectively. I am interested in documenting things of today, mostly dealing with overlooked or even forgotten aspects of everyday life – scenes we pass by every day, objects we often use, people we know, but hardly think twice about. In the chaos of daily life, I believe we all take the simple and familiar things for granted. Sometimes, they are the very things we come to miss.  Born: 1980, Nashville, TN. For as long as he can remember, Jason Sacran has loved to draw and make things. Encouraged by his mother to pursue his passion, Jason went to art school directly out of high school, eventually receiving his BFA in painting from Tennessee Tech University, and obtaining credits towards an MFA from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. Jason, his wife Rebekah and their four daughters, moved to Fort Smith, AR in 2007 where he was the curator of the Fort Smith Art Center and taught at the University of Arkansas Fort Smith for three years. Now Jason is living his dream of being a full-time artist. He teaches workshops and exhibits all over the country and his work has won many awards including a first place award with the Portrait Society of America.