Carol Makani Wong


Many times as a student, a professor would ask, "What is Art?"  "No matter what media or discipline an artist works with, the result is a visual journey into the creative mind and soul of the artist." 

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from University of Illinois, I left Chicago for southern California to find my dream career(s), which I did as a graphic designer, architectural designer and engineer. I have always worked with oils, watercolor and mixed media but when I met my future husband I would be drawn into the cultural arts of Hawai'i.

Gourds are now my canvas while my art reflects "aloha". I create my designs either in pyrography, carving, inks and dyes.  A not too familiar art I do is lei hulu or Hawaiian feather lei making. This form of art is either traditional (trying of feathers to a cord) or contemporary hat bands (hand sewing feathers to a fabric backing). A traditional lei can be worn as a necklace whereas the contemporary lei is placed on a favorite hat.